Our Services

Computer/Laptop Sales

Carolina Computer Repair offers a variety of computers, servers, and laptops from major manufacturers. We can also build a custom system based on your specifications. Whether you need a new computer off the shelf or want a unique system tailored to your needs, we stand behind the value and quality of our computers and laptops.


We use sophisticated computer diagnostics tools and tests to promptly diagnose computer problems. By isolating problems using diagnostic testing techniques, we can often avoid time-consuming (and costly) techniques such as swapping out and replacing individual components until the problem goes away.

Data Transfer Back up and Recovery

Whether you're getting ready to replace a computer or would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe, we can transfer your data to a new computer or set up your computer with a reliable backup system. We also offer data recovery services – even if you don't have a backup, we may be able to recover your data.

Virus and Malware Removal

Computer viruses and malware cause a great deal of damage, both in terms of computer performance and the potential for identity theft. Annoying pop-up ads, frequent computer crashes, excessive error messages, and sluggish performance are all symptoms of viruses or malware. Get your computer back and protect your sensitive data with Carolina Computer Repair's virus and malware removal service.

Software Upgrades

Keep your software current with the latest operating system, device driver, and software updates and patches. We handle everything so you don't need to worry about the details.

Hardware Upgrades

Is it time for a faster hard disk or additional memory? Don't replace your entire computer when a simple hardware upgrade may be all that's needed to get the performance or capacity you want. Count on Carolina Computer Repair for quality hardware upgrades.

Software Installation

Not sure how to install and configure software? Let us do it for you. We can install virtually any compatible software you may have including operating systems, security software, office productivity software, editing software, and more.

Computer Optimization

Is your computer showing its age in terms of performance and speed? It's not unusual for computers to slow down as it accumulates software, hardware, and peripheral devices. Carolina Computer Repair uses a variety of techniques to clean and optimize the computer for dramatic performance improvements.

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